Welcome to our services page!

Please explore our range of services including content writing, website development, and SEO counseling.

1. Content Writing

We write digital content and for print publications. Our services include blog posts, emails, reports, and newsletters.

Fees of Content Writing: negotiable

2. Free Blogger Website

We develop free Blogger sites for you should you be interested in working with us. Our Blogger package is quite flexible. We can also buy a custom domain for you if you want us to do that. We design the custom site based on free themes like Jet Theme or Fiksioner, or with a paid/premium theme. We also do technical SEO on the Blogger website and guide you to run your free Blogger site in the future.

  • Blogger package (without domain): 40 USD (4000 NPR)
  • SEO: 20 ESD (2000 NPR)
  • Petty enhancements, for example, Widgets, Contact Form, Cloudflare integration, Blog Elements (alert/message boxes, pro-con table, price table, testimonials), Sitemap, etc: 5 USD (500 NPR)

3. Free WordPress Blog/Website

Basically, we set up an architecture for publishing a free static WordPress site for you in your custom domain. With this too, we do technical SEO and guide you to run your free WordPress site in the future.

WordPress package (without domain): 50 USD (5000 NPR)

4. Free Hugo Blog/Website

Similarly, we set a framework of HUGO/GitHub/Netlify combo so that you can maintain your Blog/Website. With this package, we do not offer SEO guidance. However, blogs/sites developed in such framework are super performers in SERPs.

Hugo package (without domain): 50 USD (5000 NPR)