Best Blogger Templates in 2023-2024 (including Free ones)

In this blog, I am going to suggest premium (and free) Blogger templates that are developed by committed developers from various parts of the globe.

Some paid Blogger themes that are seen in the market may qualify for what I term template spamming. I do not feature such themes. In the case of free themes, there are limited legal and free Blogger templates. Though the paid Blogger themes also may have free versions, my list features the ones that are deemed best based on my personal evaluation.

The criteria of Blogger templates that I recommend here are page load speed, ease of use, device responsiveness, and visual appeal.

free blogger themes

How can the public library block a website with malicious script(s): One of my acquaintances uses public library- to study and also to work. When we were conversing on Blogger templates, he told me that the smart systems of public libraries can detect the malicious scripts of the templates (XML files), if present. The servers can block the website in the entire network. I thought that this might be relevant to share in my blog because I cannot imagine my blog being prevented by the server just because of the suspected malicious script(s) present in the unreliable Blogger template. In such a situation, scores of potential visitors will not be able to visit my website. However, please be assured that the awesome Blogger templates sold through Gumroad are clean-coded by professional developers who know all tits and bits of code tested and proven against security, SEO, user experience (UX), and evolving issues of web publishing at the same time.

  1. Amazen Blogger Template (best for affiliate marketing)
  2. BStrap Blogger Theme
  3. Jet Theme Blogger Template
  4. Fiksioner Blogger Template
  5. Textrim Blogger Template
  6. VTrick Blogger Template
  7. Webium Blogger Template
  8. BFB Bulma Blogger Template
  9. BFB Bootstrap Blogger Template
  10. Astra Style Blogger Theme
  11. Newspot Blogger Theme
  12. TrickBD Blogger Template
  13. Materia X2 Blogger Template
  14. SmartMag Blogger Template
  15. Sharing Life in TW Blogger Template
  16. Mediumish Blogger Template
  17. Blanter Wisdom Blogger Template
  18. Pixel Blogger Template
  19. PixWork Blogger Template
  20. Imaginary Liquid Blogger Theme
  21. TechSpot Blogger Theme
  22. BuzzSpot Blogger Theme
  23. Median UI Blogger Theme
  24. Tema Banua Themes (collection of free Blogger themes by Tema Banua)
  25. La-Beauty Blogger Theme (fashion/beauty niche)

DISCLAIMER (Updated on: November 13, 2023): If you purchase the Blogger theme using the 'Buy' button from Gumroad after going there from our link, we will earn little commission, and you do not need to pay extra. On top of this, we provide available promo codes so that you can get quick discounts.

I do not go into small details when I recommend and feature the products and ideas. Neither do I offer personal help. Yet, I believe that these direct links to the developers themselves will be lauded by my audience.

You can use the documentation prepared by the developers themselves. Additionally, you can customize and tweak the Blogger-based websites if you indulge a little more with the Blogger customization feature and/or coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Everybody knows that SEO in Blogger is difficult. I would say, it is not impossible. As we follow the mantra - 'content is king', I still remain content with my approach of blogging on the Blogger platform as we do with other platforms. Additionally, one can learn, unlearn, and relearn practicing outcome-oriented SEO with his/her website(s), or those of the clients.

I hope that I have listed impressive Blogger themes here. If you have something in mind that I have missed here, you can let me know using the contact page.