Growing Lychee Plant from a Seed

We are trying to grow lychee plants from the seeds of the ones that we ate at home. Here, we share our story.

Earlier, I had successfully grown an avocado tree in my backyard from a seed. That was 4 years ago when my husband wanted to introduce trees in our (kinda boring) backyard. After we planted a young avocado seedling which we grew in a tea glass, we already became confident that we can add life to our backyard with variety of fruit trees.

We realized that the vertical space is something we need to take advantage of when we have backyard of its size. Dear readers, keep this as a pro tip!

Regarding growing a lychee plant from seeds, we have another mini story. After the success of avocado tree, we did not continue to expand our enthusiasm with other fruit trees. In fact, we remained more focused on growing seasonal veggies and a Prunus tree which we call Paiyun in Nepali. Besides, wild species of mulberry, peach and other unidentifiable species had been popping out, which we had to manage as per our situations until we noticed young shoots in our rooftop garden- that would apparently grow as a tree.

Our Lychee lant story may sound interesting to you. Please continue further down for our story with lychee plants and the main idea of growing these from the seeds.

How to Grow Lychee Plant from a Seed

The story begins with seeds after eating the summer lychee. I had not noticed that my toddler had become so much motivated with the avocado's success that he had managed to press the seeds vertically into the soil of polybags of my roof-top garden. One day, I noticed popping out of lychee shoots during the monsoon maintenance of the rooftop garden. My baby was there with me, and he said that it was him who did it.

I did not have any idea what to do with those seeds. Some were grown well with number of leaves, some had tiny shoots, and some had not shown any sign of growth, nor the softening of the seeds.

I decided to plant the seedlings with well-grown leaves at the proper sites of my backyard.

First Lychee seedling Plantation
I planted this on the first week of September. I am hopeful that it will survive the upcoming winter and the invading insects and pathogens.

For the ones with underdeveloped and undeveloped shoots, I decided to grow them in tea glasses as I did with avocado seeds.

Growing lychee plant from seed
Even the hard seed that remained unaltered in the soil showed signs of growth in indoor environment and a pure glass of water.
Growing lychee plant from seed
Sight is beautiful when we grow lychee plant from a seed.

Unfortunately, one of the seeds growing in tea-glass developed fungal growth on it. I immediately threw it away to prevent infection of another one.

The seed which was growing in the tea glass had mixed results.

Growing Lychee from Seed
The shoot was growing well, but the roots seemed to be decaying.

Hence, I decided to transfer the result onto the soil.

Second Lychee seedling Plantation
I planted this on the last week of September. Finger crossed for 2 Lychee plantations.

I know that I am a wannabe naturalist and do not excel in the methods and precautions of the yardwork. I am not sure about the outcome of this. Kathmandu is not a known place of Lychee growth, but Nepal's Terai region is. Hopefully, my work comes with some result as Kathmandu too is getting drier winters and scorching summers.