Pro-Con Table on Blogger/WordPress

You can make your posts and/or pages in Blogger and/or WordPress site more authoritative and attractive by using pro-con table. In this article, I discuss the merits and demerits of using such pro-con table and share a sample script as well.

What is pro-con table?

Pro-Con table is a table which separately lists the positive aspects and negative aspects of any thing in question.

Merits and Demerits of pro-con table

The merits of pro-con table in the content of a website overshadow the demerits. The presence of such table already beautifies the content and makes it more user-friendly. The author of the content, and the website itself can be considered as more knowledgeable on the topic because such a table clearly illustrates the positive and negative aspects of certain thing/phenomenon.

The authors can also learn HTML and CSS while implementing pro-con table on the blog posts or articles.

Regarding the negative side, implementing pro-con table may not be relevant to certain types of contents, for example- 'about us' page. Somebody with non-confidence in HTML and/or CSS scripts may not be able to implement it well.

pro-con table on blog posts

Script for pro-con table

Please find the HTML and CSS scripts for a sample pro-con table here. You can tweak the code easily given that you have some knowledge of HTML and/or CSS.

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I suggest that you implement both the CSS and HTML on the page where a pro-con table is required. Implementing whole range of beautifying CSS onto the framework of the theme may be detrimental to page load speed and ultimately SEO.