How to Access/Delete Blogger/Blogspot Images

One might have a Blogger/Blogspot blog and have/had uploaded images on various posts. You might have also deleted the posts and/or the whole blog/website. The images that you have/had uploaded on the blog posts are still found stored on the web.

You might find those images useful, or a nuisance because of the storage capacity that your Google account has subscribed. You may even want to delete those images because of various other reasons, for example- personal security.

Get/Delete Blogger Images and Photos

I also wanted to see the old images that I had uploaded to my deleted Blogger/Blogspot websites. Hence, I looked for possible ways. Finally, I found a working solution to get old Blogger images.

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How to Access Blogger/Blogspot Images in 2023

Until the summer of 2023, the solution of Google Album Archive had been a working solution.

And now, Google Album Archive has retired! Hence, the new solution is way more convenient.

Access the Blogger images from your own dashboard! You can find Blogger images on Blogger Dashboard>Settings>Manage Blog>Media from your blog.

There, you cannot yet upload the image. For that, you still need to go to the post/page editor.

I hope that you get benefitted from this short and succinct tutorial on how to access/delete the images/photos from deleted/existing Blogger/Blogspot websites. If you have any questions, you can comment down below.