Shree Swasthani PDF Book, Vrat Katha Calendar, and Rituals

Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha is a month-long vrat (fasting) performed by Nepalese women when they mostly worship goddess Shree Swasthani and read the holy book that comprises stories of cosmic creation, trinities of Hinduism, demons and lord Shiva, lord Vishnu, Parvati, Goma, Chandrawati and Shree Swasthani herself. In this blog, you will find the link to the Shree Swasthani PDF Book.

Shree Swasthani Brat Katha PDF
Shree Swasthani Goddess is mostly seen sitting on a lotus flower among the Asta Matrikas (8 Mother Goddesses)

It is believed that the majority of Nepalese people continue the legacy of having an old red book of Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha (Story for Shree Swasthani Fasting Month) at their homes. It is said that Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha’s stories are of various versions. Some are long and detailed, while some are short and succinct.

While some feminists have been critiquing the tradition itself; saying that this month-long process and the narratives in the story itself add to the subordination of women in Nepal. Being objective, I am not going to discuss the points of evidence to provide support for their reasonings. However, I do believe that the tradition of Swasthani Vrat Katha can be used to reflect our own identities with the story; and it should be continued, forever.

When does Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha start and end in 2023 (2079 BS)?

Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha 2023 starts on 6th January and ends on 5th February. In Bikram Sambat the dates are from Poush 22 to Magh 22, 2079. Basically, the lunar calendar of Shree Swasthani Vrat is from Poush Shukla Purnima to Magh Shukla Purnima. This time also coincides with Magh Snan. People prefer to wash their bodies in holy waters (For example in Triveni Dhaam, Nepal) during Makar Snan (holy bath in the month of Magh).

Shree Swasthani Ritual
The daily reciting of Shree Swasthani Brat Katha necessitates naivedh and phool, and at least a Shree Swasthani Brat Katha book.

Do you know that Shree Swasthani is revered both in Nepal and India? However, in India, it is not relatively seen as significant and important festival as in Nepal. It is said that Newari people of Saankhu have been keeping the oldest books of Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha. In Saakhu, Kathmandu, there is also a temple of Shree Swasthani.

The spatial significance of Shree Swasthani Vrat is not only limited to Saankhu and Salinadi river. People also connect Changu NarayanPashupatinathShesh Narayan at Pharping, and Tribeni Ghat at Panauti.

The reverence is also provided to Narayan (lord Vishnu) in the name of Madhav Narayana. The time of reverence to Madhav Narayan also coincides with Shree Swasthani Vrat. Actually, the months of Poush and Magh are regarded as significant months of giving away negativities within us, including diseases. I remember my mother who also used to fast on Sundays of the month of Poush.

Shree Swasthani Book PDF Download

Especially in diaspora, if you really want to continue the tradition of Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha and you do not have the physical book, this PDF book helps. My husband and I literally prepared all the prasads and sardams and we recited the story every evening reading the Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha PDF file.

You can download the PDF version of Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha in Archive dot org. I have downloaded the book for myself. If you find difficulty in obtaining the book in PDF, do comment below. I may be able to help you in some way.

PDF DocumentShree Swasthani Vrat Katha
PublisherDurga Sahitya Bhandar, Varanashi
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Disclaimer: I will be editing this article with vidhi (rituals) and other related information on Shree Swasthani Vrat Katha.