How to Change Name/Ownership of NTC SIM Card | NTC SIM Card NamSari

I have been using the Nepal Telecom Pre-Paid SIM card which had been under the name of my brother. For convenience, he had bought a SIM for my usage in the past. He had submitted his details and copy of citizenship to acquire the Pre-Paid SIM card of Nepal Telecom (NTC).

Time passed, and nowadays we need to have a SIM card in our own name. For using Nagarik App of Nepal, one needs to have a SIM card in his/her own name. In such a situation, I thought of buying a new SIM Card in my own name. However, with a new SIM Card and telephone number, I would need to visit every bank and office to update my new phone number.

NTC Sim Card Name Change

I researched further on the possibility of name transfer for the same pre-paid SIM Card and telephone number. I discovered that the process was super-easy. Then I went through a hassle-free process. Remember, the name transfer of the NTC SIM Card and Phone Number is absolutely free of cost.

Let me explain the process in points on how to transfer the name of the PrePaid SIM Card of Nepal Telecom (NTC)

How to Transfer Name of NTC PrePaid SIM Card and Phone Number

  • Visit the Sundhara office of Nepal Telecom with the Phone and the SIM Card in Question, a Photo, and a Copy of Your Citizenship (An original may also be needed).

  • Fill up the PrePaid Mobile Phone Application form along with Kabuliyat Form provided by the HelpDesk.

  • You need to provide your fingerprint and details about yourself and the prepaid number you have been using.

  • Submit the forms to the desk called PrePaid NamSari.

  • The officials ask you if you have the SIM Card Working. In my case, I had the phone with the SIM Card in it. They dialed the number in the question and looked at my phone’s screen to confirm.

  • They also asked if I needed a new SIM Card. I said that I did not need the new SIM Card and just needed a name change.
  • I waited for a while till they confirmed a name change.

  • I confirmed the name change by seeing my own name in Nepal Telecom App on my smartphone.

If you need to know something more about this do comment below. I hope that my experience will help you with the name transfer / namsari of Nepal Telecom’s PrePaid SIM Card and Phone Number.