Link Dot NP Domain with Blogger

I got a free blog with and a free .np domain. Further, I needed to map the free .np domain to free Blogger service.

Some people map the DNS to that of CloudFlare and edit the CNAME and A records at CloudFlare. However, we do not need to use CloudFlare for Blogger-based websites.

connect dot np domain with Blogger
We can use Cloudflare, GoDaddy, NameCheap or any free DNS service for connecting .NP domain with Blogger.

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In my case, I initially used GoDaddy as DNS host and later transitioned to Cloudflare. You need to decide which free DNS host to use given that Mercantile Communications Pvt Ltd. does not allow us to edit the DNS except by channeling our domain to the provided nameservers.

NOTE: If you want to look for nameserver details, CNAME Records and A records of any .np, domain you can use service from

First, I added my .np domain as custom domain at

Blogger, then provides CNAME records which we use to update at DNS Editor of GoDaddy (or any Free DNS Host).

After the DNS Host finishes editing and finalizing the CNAME records, Blogger confirms that we own the domain and maps the blog to our domain.

To make www version of our website work, we add following A records using DNS Edit service from the DNS Host (for example- GoDaddy)-,,,

In Blogger Dashboard, we may want to toggle on the options to redirect the non-www version to www version and http version to https version of our blog’s URL.

If you need help on anything related to Blogger and Domain, you may ask me using the comment section below.

It is indeed a tricky job to link a domain with Blogger blog. It is even more complicated when it comes to dot np domains. I hope that my article helped you in many ways. If you have still questions, please comment below. I may be able to help you.