How to Transfer Balance from One NTC Prepaid Sim to Another

Sometimes, we want to transfer balance from on NTC (Nepal Telecom) prepaid sim to another one. You might be surprised to know that it is possible and a very easy process.

Actually, there are 2 ways to transfer balance (money) from one NTC prepaid sim to another. We will explain both processes here.

Nepal Telecom Prepaid Money Transfer

Transfer Balance from NTC Prepaid Sim to Another using Mobile Application

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has launched its own mobile application both for Android phones and iPhone users. The application is also called ‘Nepal Telecom’.

  1. Please install Nepal Telecom app on your phone if you haven’t. When I installed the app for the first time, I was awarded 500 MB of internet data!

  2. On the dashboard, locate the icon ‘Transfer Balance’ and tap on it.

  3. Provide destination number. Remember, the destination number should be subscribed to Nepal Telecom prepaid mobile.

  4. Provide the amount in Rupees. For example, 5 rupees and 50 paise would be entered as 5.50.

  5. Tap ‘Confirm’ button.

  6. You will receive the OTP in your SMS, please use the same OTP and tap ‘Confirm’.

  7. Message box saying ‘Balance successfully transferred’ will pop up. Eventually, the receiver’s phone will get a notification SMS as well.

Transfer Balance from NTC Prepaid Sim to Another using Shortcode

On your phone dial *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*amount in Rupees# and press ring.

If you do not have security code of your NTC prepaid SIM card, please type SCODE in your SMS and send it to 1415. You will receive a newly set password (security code).

More recently, following the direction from NTA, NTC has introduced a new method of transfering balance. For that, you need to dial *133*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*AmountInRupees# and pres ring button.

If you need further guidance to transfer balance from NTC to NTC, please comment below. I may be able to help you.