Free Offline File Converter | Convert JPG, PNG, WebP, MOV, AVI, MP3, MP4, and More

I discovered an offline solution (you can call this an app) for converting various file types into various other formats. These include file formats of documents, images, audio and video.

How to Convert Files Offline

With this application (mentioned below), converting the range of files (documents, images, audio, and video) from one format to another is hassle-free. All you need is to install a freeware called file converter on your desktop. This is developed by Adrien Allard. You can find the installer in GitHub. The latest and stable version as per my knowledge is File Converter v1.2.3.

Free Offline File Comverter
File Converter Freeware v1.2.3 is capable of converting image, audio, document and video files without putting pressure on your device.

What files are converted by File Converter?

The file types that are converted by File Converter freeware are listed on the website of this application. The popular conversions that this freeware can offer are:

  • mp3 to wav

  • mp4 to mp3

  • mov to mp3

  • mp4 to gif

  • mp4 to mov

  • mp4 to 3gp

  • mpeg to mp4

  • bmp/png to jpg

  • bmp to png

  • gmp/png/jg to webp

  • ico to png

  • svg to png

  • doc/docx/odt/odp/ods/ppt/pptx/xls/xlsx to pdf (Operational MS Office is needed in the system for this feature to run.)

  • bmp/jpg/jpeg/png/psd/tiff/svg to pdf

I have listed the most common conversions on the list above. In fact, the ap offers more options. Hence, such PC-based apps are handier in cases when you do not have access to internet (for online converters).

In fact, with this freeware, you also get various options for customized conversions, for example- to change the dpi and resolution of the final product.

This freeware adds to the freedom as suggested by FOSS movement as it is free. You do not need to worry about the storage of your files somewhere in the cloud.

Nowadays, there are mushrooming online tools for free image-type conversions. Even if they are free and hassle-free, I would choose an offline tool for converting WEBP files because our image data is not mandated to be uploaded somewhere in other entities’ clouds.