Chwassa Jhol Mo:Mo Review

I have been back to Nepal for forever and I do not regret it. Every day is a wonder day in Nepal. Adding to my taste buds, a chain Mo:Mo outlet has come to my neighborhood.

I wanted to taste Mo:Mo there. Due to my busy schedule, I was not actually able to make my plan a real experience. One day, the time came.

Chwassa Jhol Momo

The nice ambiance welcomed me as soon as I entered the premises. The design of the table and the apparent cleanliness already impressed me.

I must admit that it is not a particular Durbar Marg styled restaurant or fast food. But, I must also acknowledge that a modern fast food (and healthy food, of course) has come to my otherwise remote neighborhood.

The working staff seemed neat, and the preparation process is visible through the glass pane. They can offer a variety of Mo:Mo. Popular varieties in Nepal are buff mo:mo, chicken mo:mo, veg. mo:mo, and paneer mo:mo.

However, in Nepal, people talk about 'Jhol' when they talk about mo:mo. Jhol is basically a seasoned watery sauce on which one dips the hot-hot and steaming mo:mo before eating.

Chwassa Jhol Mo:Mo does not seem to come with extraordinary appeal in taste or product. But their approach seems a little different. For example- they share the business space with others and are bounded just within glass walls. Their staff apparently strictly follow hygiene codes. The tables and ambiance somehow are close to western styles. Since they are aggressively expanding their branches, I am pretty sure that they are grabbing the attention of middle-class mo:mo eaters in Nepal.