Shree Krishna Janmastami- Birthday of Lord Shree Krishna

Shree Krishna Janmastami is a popular festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world. The day is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. The festival celebrates the win of good over the evil ones. Krishna Janmastami is celebrated with joy by performing different rituals, especially in India and Nepal.

The word Janmastami is made up of two words that are Janma and Ashtami. Janma means birth in Nepali, Hindi, and Sanskrit languages. Ashtami refers to the number eight. The Astami day in Hindu Calendar refers to the eighth day between a full moon (Purnima) to a new moon(Aunsi), and vice versa. The significance of the word Ashtami is that Shree Krishna is the eighth child of his parents, who is even considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born in Dwapar Yuga.

When is Shree Krishna Janmastami in 2023?

In 2023, Shree Krishna Janmastami in on September 6.

Who is Shree Krishna?

Shree Krishna is considered the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu ( Hindu God). He was a Yadu Bansi from Mathura, a famous place in India. The birth of Lord Krishna takes you back to Mathura. Kamsa was a devil king of Mathura. His sister’s name was Devaki who is also the mother of Lord Krishna. Devaki was married to Basudev. Once, Kamsa heard a foretell that his sister’s eighth son will be the reason for his demise in the future.

Shree Krishna Janmastami

Listening, he was frightened and he imprisoned his sister and her husband in a prison in Mathura full of security guards and his armies. Kamsa killed the seven children of his sister Devaki. Now, it was the time for eight one. But, on the fortnight of Bhadra (Even called Krishnapakshya), a small boy was born. Amid the tight security set by the Kamsa, a miracle happened that day and the whole universe was in the favor of the little boy.

The boy was none other than Lord Krishna. His father was able to carry him in a basket and escape out of the prison to reach Gokul, which is also a place in India. There, he swapped his baby boy with a little girl, who was the daughter of Yashoda. Basudev lost his memory as soon as he returned to prison. There was not even a single clue for the Kamsa and Prisoners and guards, as everything was happening as a miracle. Then, he brought the little girl in the prison.

After Kamsa find out, that the eighth child was born, he came to prison and took the little girl, and tried to kill her by striking her head in the stone catching her with two legs. But, then the little girl was able to escape the grip of Kamsa and fly to the sky and again foretold Kamsa, that the boy who would kill him is in Gokul already. Kamsa tried to kill the boy by every means but couldn’t and later as the foretell, Kamsa was killed by Krishna. This is considered the win of good over evil.

Shree Krishna Characters and Teachings

Different holy tales about Shree Krishna tell that Shree Krishna was a very naughty child during his childhood. He used to steal curd from the home and used to be called Maakhan Chor Yashoda was the one who took care of Shree Krishna in Gokul. As an adult, it is said that Shree Krishna had 1600 Gopini ‘Female Friends’. His teachings are included in holy books such as Mahabharata and Bhagwad Geeta. Shree Krishna was also a good artist and a cowboy. He used to play the Baasuri(traditional bamboo made flute), , by which girls would be impressed.

It is also said that the Pandavs won the battle with the Kauravs because Shree Krishna was on Pandavs’ Side. He didn’t battle or get involved in the war, but he was the Saarathi (One who drives rath). Rath was the ancient vehicle made by tying trolleys to the horses or bulls. Shree Krishna taught a lot of lessons to the Pandavs and guided them towards the win.

It is said that Shree Krishna had divine powers. His powerful weapon was Sudarshan Chakra. He even saved Draupadi (Pandav’s wife), when Duryodhan (Eldest brother of Kaurav) tried to undress her. Shree Krishna taught us to fight back against injustice and evils. Bhagwat Git is the holy book where we can learn the teachings of Krishna. It is said that almost every person used to respect lord Krishna in Dwapar Yuga for his teaching and pathfindings.

Who celebrates Krishna Janmastami?

All the Hindu communities over the world, especially in India and Nepal celebrate Krishna Janmastami. Mostly, the Krishna Janmastami is celebrated as the symbol of the win of good over evil ones. Krishna Janmastami is celebrated by the women of the Hindu community.

Krishna Astami falls on the eighth day of the fortnight of Bhadra month every year. In Nepal and India, public holidays are given during Krishna Janmasatami. Some couples celebrate Krishna Janmastami hoping that their relationship would be like that of Krishna and his wife Raadha.

How is Shree Krishna Janmastami celebrated?

Krishna Janmasatami is celebrated differently in different places. But, they do visit the Krishna Mandirs, and other holy temples, where they worship Lord Krishna. Children are also represented as Raadha and Krishna and Parade is done. But in some places, women gather around and do fasting. It is said that fasting on the day of Krishna Janmasatami would make the long life of their husband for married women and single girls believe to get a good husband.

They do fasting for the whole day or some even break fasting at the end of the day. Brindaban was the holy forest, where Shree Krishna would play the flute and impress the Gopinis. People visit Brindaban, Mathura in India. In Nepal, Patan Krishna Mandir is visited by a lot of Shree Krishna devotees. They visit Krishna Mandirs nearby them and worship lord Krishna by your culture. Somewhere, Lakhey performance is shown and drama is performed too. This is how Krishna Janmastami is celebrated by the people.

Conclusion and Final Verdicts

This article is about a famous festival among the Hindu community of Nepal and India, Krishna Janmastami. Krishna Janmastami is celebrated every year by Hindus all over the world. This festival has its own significance and importance. Every festival, Jatras, and Melas have their own uniqueness and spirituality. To observe Krishna Janmastami Celebration, you should visit the Hindu community of Nepal and India on the day of Shree Krishna Janmastami. Shree Krishna Janmastami falls on Bhadra moth eighth day of the fortnight (Krishnapakshya).